Happy New Year! (And a belated Merry Christmas too!)

I hope everyone had a great time over the holidays with good people and lots of lovely food. We certainly had all of the above! And somewhere between the piles of glitter, empty glasses, bottles and bowls of snacks from new years eve, there happened to be a box of Bricks and Eyes (11003) we… Read More Happy New Year! (And a belated Merry Christmas too!)

Mini Mini

Lets start off the new year with some MOC-content. More to follow in the coming weeks! This cute little car is inspired by the 2014 polybag Mini Cooper. A nearly perfect set in its own right, if it just would have room for a Minifigure driver! I fixed this flaw by replacing the windscreen with the… Read More Mini Mini


Batman everywhere! This year started with a real flood of sets to the new film – and I wasn’t really impressed by most of them… Ironically the new Batwing looks actually pretty good, if it wasn’t so huge! I prefer the idea of it as a small and nimble plane, made for swooshing along streets,… Read More Batwing!