Oldschool MOC: Ulf’s Garage

What do you do when you have too many old white bricks, that have yellowed to a point where they are really more tan like white? Yes, of course you could use hydrogen peroxide to whiten them again… but apart from that, if you don’t really want all the hassle? Build something that looks suitingly… Read More Oldschool MOC: Ulf’s Garage

Damage Case

This post is about the sort of band your parents have always warned you of: Damage Case, the loudest, wildest and meanest band in the known Lego universe! Tough and alluring front-woman Susan rocks the stage with attitude and riffs as heavy as a sledgehammer, rocket-fast soloing and lyrics about the wild side of life. The… Read More Damage Case

Mean Machine

One of the most memorable smaller town sets I have is the Screaming Patriot (6646) from 1991 (of course in American colours!). I always had issues though with implementing it’s cool exhaust pipes into one of my own creations.   As cool as they look, they limit your options according engine-layout and wheelbase quite significantly, but at the… Read More Mean Machine