Mini Mini

This car is literally mini-sized!

Lets start off the new year with some MOC-content. More to follow in the coming weeks!

This cute little car is inspired by the 2014 polybag Mini Cooper. A nearly perfect set in its own right, if it just would have room for a Minifigure driver! I fixed this flaw by replacing the windscreen with the classical 3-brick-tall ones, which makes it a bit too tall for any serious scale-modelling, but the proportions are completely fine for a Minifigure-suiting car, and the angle of the windscreens is now actually closer to the real “big” Mini too!

The base of the car is from the Sports Convertible from 1987, which – I think, after seeing a picture of this set again – represents a Golf Cabrio. I haven’t used this piece for a long time. After all, even in Lego cars tend to grow continuously bigger and wider!

Oh, and important detail: this Mini has been modified into a electric car. So imagine it zooming off the line in ridiculous speed, while causing zero local emissions!

A proud driver with her beloved car. The colour scheme was actually a happy accident, due to a lack of pieces in others colours. But I think, it works quite fine!