Moroff needs a bigger Gun (seriously!)

In my review of the Y-Wing recently, I criticised the rather lacklustre gun that came for the Moroff-Minifigure. In Rogue One he wields something that looks like a small laser-minigun. In his Lego incarnation though, it was nothing more than a pistol with a technic-pin attached to it – and that only very loosely fitting anyway.

So I clearly had to fix that. He is a quite charismatic Minifigure by the way. A bit like a cross-breed between Wampa and Wookie and with the upwards curved voice-translator he is wearing, he looks always like he is smiling. Like a very big and fluffy friendly dog or a rather small but friendly polar bear. Really cute.

Anyway. back to his gun. Since he is such a strong and hefty character, I found he is more than able to carry some decent firepower. Something more akin to a sledgehammer compared to the watchmaker-tools the rebels are usually wielding, if you know what I mean. So a wearable spring-loaded shooter it became! I think I did a pretty good job with it. Look, he is happy!

Smile for the camera – Moroff is going to make a big flash!
The shooter is relatively simple, but quite sturdy.

As a side-arm he got something more, well – “compact”:

Oops: I noticed only in post-edit that the muzzles have two different shades of orange!
The backpack he is wearing is completely unchanged and acts nicely as a counter-weight.

The new weapons might not be completely true to the source-material, but fit him so much better, don’t you think? With such armament, he might even get a TIE-Fighter into trouble! Pew Pew!