Mad Max meets Lego

I just watched the trailer for The Lego Movie 2, which comes out in February 2019 and whilst I am not really keen on watching it (to be honest, I haven’t even watched the first part yet), I feel genuinely excited about the possible sets we might get from it: That’s a healthy amount of… Read More Mad Max meets Lego

Star Wars: Death Star – Final Duel (75093) – Review

The Star Wars movies are full of iconic moments (perhaps not so much the prequels though^^). They are too many to count really, but Luke’s final confrontation with his father, with the evil emperor gloating at them, while outside the battle for the future of the Galaxy is raging, remains special. It was the definite endgame-moment of the… Read More Star Wars: Death Star – Final Duel (75093) – Review