Death Star II Housewarming Party!

The super-laser is installed, the bar has been equipped, party decorations hung up, the PA is ready and all invitations have been sent – the dark side really knows how to party!

DSC00129 cropped and colour balanced
The party is in full flight!


DSC00144 cropped and colour balanced
While the emperor and Darth Vader raise a toast on this new jewel of interstellar destruction, a Stormtrooper discovers the wonders of Karaoke!


DSC00167 cropped and colour balanced
The emperor receives guests from all over the galaxy and gets some lovely gifts – like this magic golden lightsaber from Middle Earth, Tolkien-system!


DSC00143 cropped and colour balanced
Daft Tron on the turntables, Darth Lavaria has a chat with an imperial officer.


DSC00145 cropped and colour balanced
The Inquisitor rules the catering department.


DSC00149 cropped and colour balanced
As the evening progresses, things get a little bit out of hand. A TIE pilot discovers that he doesn’t needs a starfighter to see the world spinning.


DSC00141 cropped and colour balanced
A severely intoxicated imperial guard tells the story of his life to an attentive Gonk droid.


DSC00159 cropped and colour balanced
Shooting lessons. This picture might answer a long-lingering question! (Yes, its anachronistic, but honestly: who cares!)


DSC00157 cropped and colour balanced
Always the same story: he drinks too much, takes over the turntables and starts playing 70s disco…


DSC00150 cropped and colour balanced
In the meanwhile, Darth Vader realizes that mixing Saurian Brandy with Alderaan-Whiskey (rare!) wasn’t a good idea. Of course he will blame the music. And he will clearly remember the usefulness of this duct at some later point…


Well, what can I say? It was a legendary party and I was happy to witness it. Party on, Darth!

3 thoughts on “Death Star II Housewarming Party!

  1. Coole Idee. Hast du deinen Blog schon länger? Den kenne ich gar nicht. Werde dich dann mal bei mir verlinken, wenn du nichts dagegen hast.


    1. Danke! Ja, so superernsthafte Charaktere wie Darth Vader oder der Imperator sind einfach ideal für Comedy. Da kommen die Ideen von ganz alleine 😉 Du darfst meinen Blog natürlich gerne verlinken. Nur zu! Und Littleworlds existiert jetzt seit ein paar Monaten. Ich bin auch auf Eurobricks aktiv.


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