Sword (or Axe) and Sorcery!

While I was redecorating my Lego display (replacing the Star Wars scene I had for over a year with some ocean explorers), I took a closer look at the Dewback from the 2014 Cantina-set. It is really a splendid model which is sadly quite underused. And to be honest: what should the imperials do with such… Read More Sword (or Axe) and Sorcery!

Dragon Taming

Since my dragon got a drastic increase in its articulation possibilities, the Dragon Queen took the opportunity to claim it for her and immediately ordered it being trained by her dragon-handling experts. Shortly after, the Queen’s Right Hand proudly demonstrated his progress in taming the wild beast:   Luckily for its tamer, the dragon didn’t… Read More Dragon Taming

Some Worldbuilding

When starting this Blog I not only wanted to write reviews (which is quite fun on its own though!) and show my MOCs, but also create and expand a more or less coherent universe, where every of my characters has its place. Sadly I haven’t published much of that yet. Not because of a lack of… Read More Some Worldbuilding