Some Worldbuilding

When starting this Blog I not only wanted to write reviews (which is quite fun on its own though!) and show my MOCs, but also create and expand a more or less coherent universe, where every of my characters has its place. Sadly I haven’t published much of that yet. Not because of a lack of content, but mainly because it is still work-in-progress. There is still plenty of writing and building to do, but I am confident to show you more of my little worlds soon.

So many stories to tell…

When I say coherent, this means that I unite all the different themes into one quite colourful world. Most of it plays on one planet, so the city-themed Minifigures (lets call them characters from now on!) share the same place as the knights, pirates, elves, orcs, etc., with the Star Wars and other space-related ones having more or less close ties to it. There will be also quite a number of characters who travel between these themes. Some by magic, some by technology. After all the only thing that separates them all from each other is just distance!

This means ships will be able to travel from the shores of a modern Lego-city (which likely wont be built to a larger extend anytime soon^^) to pirate-infested beaches or the scenic harbour of the Lion Kingdom.

The idea behind this diversity is that each “theme” has their own way of living, which is in no way better or worse than any other. People in the modern city-world for example usually don’t practice magic, but have a fairly advanced culture and technology, while the guys over at the medieval regions are much more into magic, but can’t be bothered to build cars, airplanes or vacuum-cleaners. How does things like Star Wars fit into this? Quite simple really. I will explain this in another post when I introduce my world to you!