Review: Lego City Fire Starter Set (60106)

Smoooke on the water – fire on the pier: that’s clearly a clearly a case for the Lego City coastal firefighter squad. Being a starter set, it follows the current fashion of providing pleny of Minifigures (three firefighters and a harbour worker), with a healthy amount of accessories and two small builds that clearly set… Read More Review: Lego City Fire Starter Set (60106)

Some Worldbuilding

When starting this Blog I not only wanted to write reviews (which is quite fun on its own though!) and show my MOCs, but also create and expand a more or less coherent universe, where every of my characters has its place. Sadly I haven’t published much of that yet. Not because of a lack of… Read More Some Worldbuilding

Flying Boat MOC!

I have built this plane/boat a couple of months ago, but didn’t yet come to take proper photos and finally publish this post I had kicking around as draft for almost as long as the model itself. Ironically as these lines here are written, the MOC, in the way you see it here, doesn’t exists… Read More Flying Boat MOC!

Aquatic Review Part 2 – Deep Sea Exploration Vessel (60095)

After reviewing the Deep Sea Submarine (60092) last time, we now take a look at the theme’s “flagship”, the Deep Sea Exploration Vessel (60095), with 717 pieces the 2nd largest set of the theme behind the Deep Sea Operation Base (60096) with 907. Like the Submarine, the Exploration Vessel is modelled pretty closely after real-world… Read More Aquatic Review Part 2 – Deep Sea Exploration Vessel (60095)


No, I definitely will not write some pseudo-pirate gibberish as introduction to my first post here (or to any other actually). Enough tried already and failed miserably!

So – pirates! Back in 1989, the new pirate theme was the most spectacular Lego line I’ve ever seen. All the cool new hats and printed beards and finally women with lipstick! The most amazing thing of course was the Black Seas Barracuda (6285). It had so many new parts! It was so big, I mean really BIG. And it looked absolutely gorgeous…… Read More Pirates!