Still here!

Just in case you haven’t noticed 😉

Littleworlds has been quiet for way too long. It was actually really shocking to see that my last post was dated August – 2018!

So what happened? Nothing dramatic really. Just some frustration with taking photos that keeps on lingering. My photo-setup works quite well for smaller builds, but everything bigger and neither background nor lighting situation is sufficient anymore. The photos I took from the Detective’s Office, for example took a lot of time to setup, shoot, edit, reshoot, edit – and re-reshoot. etc… and I’m still far from happy with them.

Basically Lego photography stopped being fun for me and I decided I don’t need to document every set and every MOC. I might publish some writing here instead. And rants. I like ranting. You might have noticed that already from my last post!^^

Anyway, I will try to keep a more regular pace now. See you around!