Review: Detective’s Office (10246)

Please Note: This post took me a long time to finish. Not the writing. That usually goes pretty quick. As it did here. But the photos… I finally got them in a quality I can approve. Mostly! Enjoy! Hardboiled detective stories are an all-time favourite of mine. Novels like Raymond Chandler’s The Big Sleep or… Read More Review: Detective’s Office (10246)

Mini Mini

Lets start off the new year with some MOC-content. More to follow in the coming weeks! This cute little car is inspired by the 2014 polybag Mini Cooper. A nearly perfect set in its own right, if it just would have room for a Minifigure driver! I fixed this flaw by replacing the windscreen with the… Read More Mini Mini

Mean Machine

One of the most memorable smaller town sets I have is the Screaming Patriot (6646) from 1991 (of course in American colours!). I always had issues though with implementing it’s cool exhaust pipes into one of my own creations.   As cool as they look, they limit your options according engine-layout and wheelbase quite significantly, but at the… Read More Mean Machine