Review: Ninjago Jay’s Elemental Dragon (70602)

Now this is one of the more unusual Sky Pirate sets, without a weird steampunk/dieselpunk flying machine for the baddies dominating the scene. Here, the good guys have definitely the advantage. With a glorious, flashy (pun of course intended) lightning dragon! And its really an impressive beast. Quite sizeable and, just like its smaller cousin, Cole’s… Read More Review: Ninjago Jay’s Elemental Dragon (70602)

Dragon Taming

Since my dragon got a drastic increase in its articulation possibilities, the Dragon Queen took the opportunity to claim it for her and immediately ordered it being trained by her dragon-handling experts. Shortly after, the Queen’s Right Hand proudly demonstrated his progress in taming the wild beast:   Luckily for its tamer, the dragon didn’t… Read More Dragon Taming