The Queen of the Aces

  I found my Sky Pirates were missing one thing: a really evil looking, dieselpunk propeller fighter plane. Something that spells aggression and power, and fits to their fleet of (quite ramshackle looking) contraptions… a flying hotrod! I combined the front area and cockpit from an S.E.5a biplane with the wing shape and silhouette of… Read More The Queen of the Aces

Some Worldbuilding

When starting this Blog I not only wanted to write reviews (which is quite fun on its own though!) and show my MOCs, but also create and expand a more or less coherent universe, where every of my characters has its place. Sadly I haven’t published much of that yet. Not because of a lack of… Read More Some Worldbuilding

Bye-Bye Sweet Summer!

It is still nicely warm at Littleworlds HQ, but it is just a matter of time till autumn will come to us too and brings rain and grey sky and cold coat-and-umbrella-weather. In the meanwhile – lets enjoy the sun as long as we can!    

Damage Case

This post is about the sort of band your parents have always warned you of: Damage Case, the loudest, wildest and meanest band in the known Lego universe! Tough and alluring front-woman Susan rocks the stage with attitude and riffs as heavy as a sledgehammer, rocket-fast soloing and lyrics about the wild side of life. The… Read More Damage Case