Review: Ninjago Jay’s Elemental Dragon (70602)

Now this is one of the more unusual Sky Pirate sets, without a weird steampunk/dieselpunk flying machine for the baddies dominating the scene. Here, the good guys have definitely the advantage. With a glorious, flashy (pun of course intended) lightning dragon! And its really an impressive beast. Quite sizeable and, just like its smaller cousin, Cole’s… Read More Review: Ninjago Jay’s Elemental Dragon (70602)


Batman everywhere! This year started with a real flood of sets to the new film – and I wasn’t really impressed by most of them… Ironically the new Batwing looks actually pretty good, if it wasn’t so huge! I prefer the idea of it as a small and nimble plane, made for swooshing along streets,… Read More Batwing!