Review: Ninjago Destiny’s Wing (70650)

Time to end my summer-break with a review that just wants to be written. Especially if you look at my last post. Lets indulge in some dieselpunk goodness with Destiny’s Wing! While I am not really interested and the Ninjago TV series, or know much about it beyond the basics, and the media buzz around… Read More Review: Ninjago Destiny’s Wing (70650)


Batman everywhere! This year started with a real flood of sets to the new film – and I wasn’t really impressed by most of them… Ironically the new Batwing looks actually pretty good, if it wasn’t so huge! I prefer the idea of it as a small and nimble plane, made for swooshing along streets,… Read More Batwing!

Leyland Brickston, Explorer, Adventurer and Airship Pilot

Regular readers of Littleworlds might know that I really like the Ninjago sky pirate-sets. In particular the Misfortune Keep and its smaller cousin, the Raid Zeppelin. And especially latter one really offers itself for some quick modding too: Its a simple enough to casually play with it without letting it turn into an endless building… Read More Leyland Brickston, Explorer, Adventurer and Airship Pilot