Batman everywhere! This year started with a real flood of sets to the new film – and I wasn’t really impressed by most of them… Ironically the new Batwing looks actually pretty good, if it wasn’t so huge! I prefer the idea of it as a small and nimble plane, made for swooshing along streets, under bridges and between skyscrapers.

The Batwing attacks!

Actually I wanted to build a Batmobile, since I got the Gotham City Cycle Chase, but the tyres I have look either too small or too big. So it became a plane. You don’t have that sort of problem with planes!

Looking at it from the rear you can see the jet engines. The little wings protruding underneath them are not only decorative. They lower the heat signature from the engines.

I also wanted the Batwing to be reminiscent of the 1989 film and the animated series from the 90s – and following the shape of the Bat-symbol of that time.

I started with creating the outlines for it first, then fitting everything into it.

Therefore my build had to check several boxes: it has be small, look proper and be sturdy enough pick it up and handle it without being afraid of it falling into pieces. Achieving all this turned out to be not easy, but eventually I got something together that comes pretty close to the idea I had in my mind. Of course building such a small plane means you have to do compromises, like a red canopy, because I don’t have a yellow one.

The Dark Knight in his plane. I actually have to use this version of him with the slightly shorter bat-ears and only printed belt. Otherwise he simply would be too tall! But at least this means that none of them is redundant. This is simply his flight suit from now on. 🙂

But I think it looks good. Nicely aggressive (after all its supposed to scare criminals), no frills and many straight edges, like the F-117 stealth bomber. Yes, I take quite some inspiration from stealth bombers. They are just badass, arent they?

Anyway. As usual I hope you enjoyed my little MOC. Comments and criticism are of course welcome!




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