Leyland Brickston, Explorer, Adventurer and Airship Pilot

Regular readers of Littleworlds might know that I really like the Ninjago sky pirate-sets. In particular the Misfortune Keep and its smaller cousin, the Raid Zeppelin. And especially latter one really offers itself for some quick modding too: Its a simple enough to casually play with it without letting it turn into an endless building project. And the result is pretty rewarding if you ask me:

Leyland Brickston with his faithful airship Katherine.

For this mod I emphasized the zeppelin’s steampunk-aspect and turned it into a more peaceful, but not the less whimsical, vehicle. And this is just what its backstory is about too: after being captured by the sky pirates, the dashing adventurer Leyland Brickston makes his escape by stealing their zeppelin and consequently turnes it from a warship into the Katherine, a vehicle of science and peaceful exploration. I might expand the backstory a bit more in future.

Enjoying a cup of tea while plotting a course towards new adventures!

Brickston is inspired by looks and character by the steampunk musican Professor Elemental. Both share an affinity for battenberg cake, absinthe, tea, cutting-edge technology (as long as it is from the 1880s) and pith helmets and usually stumble into uttelry  absurd adventures.

Apart from being adventurer, Brickston is also explorer, astronomer, historian, archaeologist, mountaineer, ornithologist, anthropologist and… a bit bizarre. He never goes exploring without extensive scientific literature, like the collected works of H.G. Wells and Jules Verne he uses as travel guides!

The telescope is idea for astronomical observations or discovering new lands.

Unsurprisingly, his great nemesis is the ruthless Baron Otto von Brickheimer and their encounters usually end up with foiling another one of von Brickheimer’s evil plans. When Brickston isn’t busy with the evil Baron, he is exploring the world and gets into all sorts of adventures – as it should be for a steampunk! Expect to hear more of him in the future!

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  1. Thanks! I found its a fun statement to have it at the same spot where the original had the big cannon. This one is a science ship after all 😉
    (I also didn’t really had a better place for it anyway!)


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