Mad Max meets Lego

I just watched the trailer for The Lego Movie 2, which comes out in February 2019 and whilst I am not really keen on watching it (to be honest, I haven’t even watched the first part yet), I feel genuinely excited about the possible sets we might get from it:

That’s a healthy amount of post-apocalyptic yumminess going on! I hope a decent part of all those sunburned and sand-dusted buildings, vehicles and characters is going to make it into the stores!

Additionally to that, Ninjago has some very interesting, dieselpunk-sets in their 2018 line-up as well, which could be straight out of a Fallout-game or Mad Max film, namely Destiny’s Wing:


And Dieselnaut:

I have to say, thats awesome stuff – and just a perfect match to the Sky Pirates-series. I am definitely impressed. 2018 is going well!