Sword (or Axe) and Sorcery!

While I was redecorating my Lego display (replacing the Star Wars scene I had for over a year with some ocean explorers), I took a closer look at the Dewback from the 2014 Cantina-set. It is really a splendid model which is sadly quite underused. And to be honest: what should the imperials do with such an animal anyway? They have anti-gravity technology, TIE fighers, shuttles etc. Riding a slow and moody lizard doesn’t seems to be the most plausible thing for me to do.

And then I remembered the character Clancee from my Ninjago Raid Zeppelins (after modding the first one into Leyland Brickston’s Airship, I got a second one, because its such a nice ship) and had an idea. I’m sure many will recognize the pictures as being inspired by pulp magazines and sword and sorcery book covers. If not, I drop the name Conan the Barbarian here. Intellectually these stories are not the greatest challenge, but the artwork is visually quite striking in its cheesy style and exaggerated human anatomy.^^

The Snake-People!

Finally my Barbarian got something to do. I think he is really enjoying it. Btw: the bones in the background are from the Deep Sea Submarine set.


Return of the Snake People!

For the sequel he brought his new friend, a former mermaid to fight with him.


An attempted kidnapping.

Oh no! Evil Orcs are trying to kidnap her!


The tides turned!

Seems they already regret that idea.

I might do some Flash Gordon inspired pictures soon as well. Monsters and ray-guns!

P.S.: George Lucas, and therefore Star Wars, owe quite a lot to Flash Gordon. Not only anachronistic things like space-age soldiers riding lizards, or princesses in space, but also evil emperors, floating cities and the whole action-saturated space-opera setting. So in that sense my Dewback going back to the Snake People of sword & sorcery  brings the story back to full circle.