Mean Machine

Bold colours, huge engine, epic exhausts: Screaming Patriot is here!

One of the most memorable smaller town sets I have is the Screaming Patriot (6646) from 1991 (of course in American colours!). I always had issues though with implementing it’s cool exhaust pipes into one of my own creations.


As cool as they look, they limit your options according engine-layout and wheelbase quite significantly, but at the same time, Lego (and design in general) is make do with what you got and find the best solution. I also always wanted to build a proper, hot-rod. Ideally as evil looking as possible, without drifting into comical realms 😉 When I stumbled across an interesting looking radiator grill, I knew there is some potential to finally make a decent one, which became…


DSC00042 cropped and colour balanced
The Mean Machine

The biggest challenge for me proved to be the front axis. as mentioned above, the exhaust pipes enforce some limitations on you, so I had to come up with a way to make the front 1) solid, because I don’t like it when a Lego build only looks good: it has to be playable too within reason and 2) don’t make it look too massive and cover up too much of its mechanical parts.

Apart from this, it was a very straightforward build. And very enjoyable too. And I think I found a quite decent way to achieve what I wanted. It looks fast and mean – mission accomplished!

You might have recognized its driver. It is the female crook from 2013’s High Speed Police Chase (60042). Her name is Susan and being criminal is actually not her only profession. She is also lead guitarist in her own band. More on this soon!


DSC00047 cropped and colour balanced
Susan with the tools of her trade: guitar, gun and a fast car!

I have a special relationship to this Minifigure. You don’t get a strong female character in a leading position too often, even if it’s in a rather dubious branch 😉 And she just looks so damn cool with her leather jacket, long flowing hair and her make-up.

On a side note: This song became the inspiration for the name of the car. It just says everything I want to express with my hotrod:

See you next time – until then: eat my dust! 😉

DSC00044 cropped and colour balanced