Nexo Knights Review Part 2 – Ultimate Beast Master (70334)

Ultimate Beast Master (70334), is the second set of the Nexo Knights theme I got and therefore the second to be reviewed too!

He is part of the same series as Lavaria and a few other Minifigures too, which are supposed to act as booster packs for the Nexo Knights app, as I figure. Unlike Ultimate Lavaria (70335), who doesn’t appears in any other sets (yet?), he also appears in Beast Master’s Chaos Chariot (70314) – holy chaos, batman – what a name!

Anyway, in this incarnation our friend Beast Master doesn’t seems to be different to the one in the main set and is very well printed. Also his head seems to stick on his torso better than Lavaria’s.

DSC00033 edit
Beastmaster and all his equipment – including flails, drill, dynamite and sunshade for his sensitive skin. No it is an energy shield of course!

He comes with the usual display-stand-thing and a number of accessories, like a pair of flails with angry goblin heads. The flails are mounted on his back with a mixture of regular bricks and Technic-parts and can be rotated with devastating effects on any minifigure standing by. They are a pretty hefty construction for a minifigure to carry – no surprise he prefers a chariot in his other set! He also wields a drill (lets not hope he is aspiring neurosurgeon), has a couple of dynamite packs at his disposal and something that looks like a purple energy-shield (additional to the 3 shields with unlockable extra powers for the Nexo Knights app).

DSC00035 edit
Drill and dynamite aren’t commonly associated with taming beasts, but perhaps he trains them for evil mining operations?

All in all the set is a bit underwhelming compared to Lavaria. It just lacks the elegance and variety of evilness her set possesses. His set appears rather randomly put together. Yet it is still better looking than the other Nexo Knights sets. If you have a likeness for red-skinned villains with a liking for explosives and oversized flails, this might be just your set.


Pieces: 65

Rating: 3/5