Review: Ultimate General Magmar (70338)

The last of my batch of Nexo Knights reviews is about the Ultimate General Magmar set, which has been released this summer.


As every Ultimate version of the Nexo Knights characters, the general comes with a pretty impressive backpack-thing (the only exception I am aware of is Lavaria, who got a spider torso instead. So much cooler!). While Macy’s backpack last time was all about her huge minigun stud-shooter, the General is more into spinning stuff. His main mode of attack consists of two large rotating fire wheels mounted on arms made of technic-parts. This allows them a quite impressive freedom of articulation and a decent amount of stability. There must be an unwritten rule for Nexo Knights designers that no minifigure hand shall be free, which means that he also got a quite impressive translucent red axe in his right hand in addition to his already pretty impressive armament.

General Magmar, or how his friends call him: Blender of Doom!

The wheels can be replaced by also translucent turbine blades, which act as spinning axes. Both variants do their job quite nicely, but I prefer the fire wheels really. They are just looking a tad more impressive. But really interesting are these parts for me when it comes to potential implementation in MOCs. They both will surely do very well as engine parts for space-ships!


There is also a third, more simple Nexo power variant, which consists of only a fighting pole with large fists on both ends (together with the inevitable shield-tile to switch to of course). The fists can be also directly attached to a minifigures hands like huge boxing gloves. This variant looks a bit meagre compared to the others, but again, from a MOC perspective (and Lego is all about building after all), the fists might find their use on an exosuit or a battle robot. Something I actually won’t have considered building before getting this set.


Oh, and a nice detail worth to mention: unlike other ultimate-characters, the general is actually able to stand on his own feet without any supporting parts when wearing his backpack. They extend far enough forward to provide a decent counter-weight that stops him from tipping over!

The General Magmar minifigure himself features some very neat detailing. Ok, his rubber hair-piece tends to get knocked off pretty easily, but looks pretty cool and barbaric, which definitely suits his character. It is the same piece as the plume on Macy’s helmet, but in black – so lets not be surprised that it sticks on just as “well”. He also comes with a peculiar jaw-protection, which looks like a low visor (did somebody say dental brace?) from a medieval-style helmet, but without helmet. It reminds me quite a lot of this guy here. It is a quite exotic thing but works well on him, no matter how impractical it actually would be in the real world – but this is Nexo Knights after all!

Dental brace from hell!


…and without.

What I really like on him though is the armour plates/scales printing on his torso. A nice combination of colours and rib/armour plate/scale patterns: so very evil! Also a nice detail: the back of his head shows this quite impressive printing too.

If you can’t have eyes on the back of your head, then maybe at least some tough scales!

All in all Ultimate General Magmar is a very good example of the Nexo Knights Ultimate series. It features some really cool designs, if you like the style. And if you don’t, then maybe using the set as source for interesting pieces make you happy. I find them quite useful, at least. The highlight of the set though is the very well designed and properly demonic looking minifigure – and all this at a pretty decent price-point. I definitely recommend it!


Pieces: 64

Rating 5/5


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