Review – Nexo Knights The Glob Lobber (70318)

Review time! I got a load of new sets (for very reasonable money, I have to add) and can’t wait to write about them – so yeah: lets begin!


Nexo Knights is pretty much hit or miss for me (the good guys are mostly miss). This one, I found initially appealing, because of the weird lava-monster-guy with the Mohawk (he is apparently called Flame Thrower), who has really some potential, but also for the quite interesting selection of pieces it contains.

The set in its entirety.

These interesting pieces make up a large crossbow with lots of thorns and spikes sticking out of it. There is even something that looks like insect-legs! Despite all the detailing it is not a terribly impressive build though if you ask me. Especially since the shooting mechanism is not made of the cool flick-fire missiles, introduced last year (which are quite prominently featured in the Star Wars sets), but the old-school stud shooters you have to push out of their fasteners – meh.

The nice print doesn’t helps: the stud shooters look rather upset not being nice flick-fire missiles instead! At least the small handheld crossbow has a decent shooting function.

Building the crossbow-thing is pretty simple, as you would expect and nicely sturdy thanks to the use of technic-elements. But the whole build just doesn’t looks especially remarkable to me. It is a quite chunky piece of artillery, but it really asks me for rebuilding it into something way more interesting.

Anyway. As I said didn’t really buy the set because of that, so that is ok for me. The minifigures, on the other hand, look more interesting and will give me a lot of fun customizing them.

Doesn’t takes long to figure out who is the good and the bad guy here!

Flame Thrower looks nicely demonic and has quite defined abs printed on, which reminds me on the devil in the 1980s movie Legend. He comes with a little stud-shooter crossbow for him, which I really like a lot. Why he is wearing a quiver though – and even in brown – is beyond my understanding. But it surely will make one of my castle-archers very happy! The Royal Guard looks quite nice, even if his colour-scheme is more like that of a race-driver. But this is Nexo Knights here and that makes him look actually pretty unremarkable, compared to the other characters. Since he is the first of his kind for me (I had only “traditional” knights so far), he is something special in my universe and will surely fit nicely to a certain other minifigure I will show you soon.

Taking his helmet and massive harness off, the Royal Guard shows a certain resemblance to Deadshot from a couple of weeks ago.

All in all I find this is a nice and simple little set, that offers a fair deal of interesting pieces, but sadly not a pretty appealing model. Especially for its price point, it is rather good though. It is maybe not as desirable as sets with more popular characters, like the sets of the Nexo Knights Ultimate-series, (which cost about the same), but surely makes a nice little gift!


Pieces: 95

Rating: 3/5

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  1. I personally don’t like the Nexo Knights series because it’s in my eyes too exaggerated/crazy but
    this is really a nice little set which I now after reading your great review consider to buy.


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