Review: Nexo Knights Ultimate Macy (70331)

Remember me saying that the sets with the good Nexo Knights-guys are usually not that great? Well here is the exception: she is cute, she wears red, likes miniguns and big metal things on a stick to hit you with – here is Macy!


I really begin to like the smaller Nexo Knights sets. Once you got over the anime-style super-sized weapons and the comic superhero-feel of the characters, they can be pretty rewarding: they are fun looking (if sometimes a bit silly), with quite diverse Minifigures and interesting pieces. Ultimate Macy is a great example of this. The set just looks good and has really something going on with it. They also come for a really decent price, which always helps!

The complete Ultimate Macy set: significant firepower packed in surprisingly little space!

As usual for the series, she comes with a display-stand that holds the different types of equipment she has, which makes it relatively simple to change between various nexo-power setups without displacing pieces. Ok, it can be a bit fiddly though to take off and attach all that stuff from her and her plume is prone to fall off from her helmet during the process, but it is pretty impressive what amount of pieces the Lego designers came up to attach to a single minifigure. The visualizations of her different Nexo Powers looks pretty cool though and are nicely distinct, though personally I like it simpler really and like it when my minifigures are able to stand on their feet without help.

Go green: the Jungle Dragon power in action!


Macy wielding the Phoenix Axe.

The Macy minifigure itself shows some very elaborated printing and a pretty cool, but hefty translucent armour with studs on the back where her minigun is attached. The translucency reminds me a lot on the volcanic-glass armour from The Elder Scrolls games btw. She also comes with two faces: one with a confident smirk (and a slight hint of pink lipstick), the other bruised and pretty upset.

Macy in full armour and pretty happy!
Less happy: she might just have lost a joust, but at least you can see her lovely armour-suit.

All in all Ultimate Macy is a pretty sweet set, that offers quite  lot for under 10 Euro. If you are looking for interesting pieces for MOCs, the set might be pretty useful for you (as Nexo Knights set usually are). Of course Macy herself wont fit into an authentic medieval setting, but I can clearly see her in a fantasy- or sci-fi-context. If you are a fan of Nexo Knights, she will be a good addition to your line-up anyway. And will bring some impressive fire power!


Pieces: 101

Rating 5/5


4 thoughts on “Review: Nexo Knights Ultimate Macy (70331)

    1. Now thats interesting. In which one? she will play a role as a crew member in the 2nd part of my “Return of Blacktron” post as well – what a coincidence! She looks like somebody you better not mess around with, which makes her very suiting for the job 😉


  1. OMG yes! 😀
    There must be really something about these Blacktron suits… I got the inspiration for her look from Lady Darth Vader cosplayer (which explains the lightsaber). Very well done video! I had the space police vehicle as well. In fact, its canopy is now in Astrids star fighter 😉 poor Space Police. They have a hard time with us!


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