Review: Y-Wing Starfighter (75172)

The set in its entirety

Rogue One was quite a box office success, its Lego-sets not so much. While that’s not so good for TLG’s profit projections, it is a nice opportunity for us customers to get a set or two, that would be otherwise prohibitively costly. Like this lovely Y-Wing.

Our dashing Y-Wing pilot getting reading for its bombing run at a certain moon-sized battle-station!

When assembling it, which went just as expected without any issue, my recurring thoughts were “Holy hell, this thing is going to be big!” And indeed, the finished model is quite a solid piece of ABS, measuring 41 cm/16″ in length. It appears therefore nicely fitting to Minifigure scale, with nothing out of proportion, like oversized cockpits or other silly things. Really neat.

Also neat is the amount of detailing and the quality of shaping on the ship. It just looks right and has a lot of surface texture to sink your eyes into. Definitely a good show piece. The set comes with about ten stickers, which isn’t a terrible number for a build of this size. Luckily they are mostly big enough to be not too difficult to apply. Especially the four which go onto the engine pods, and they add to the looks of it.

Functionality-and-playability-wise the ship has a neatly integrated bombing bay, which is able to hold up to 3 brick-built bombs in a revolver-type bombing mount and the obligatory flick-fire missiles. They are not as nicely integrated though. The included little hover-crane with trailer for loading the ammunition is a nice play-feature and helps creating a hangar scene. Sadly there is no technician Minifigure included for operating it, so it seems the pilot has to do all the dirty work by himself.

Imagine some seriously upset beeping from our droid-friend here.


The loading procedure: undocking the warhead-rack from its trailer…


…and then sliding the bombs into their bay. The black gear on the rear of the ship is for turning the dropping mechanism.

Speaking of Minifigures: the line-up could be stronger really. Additionally to the Y-Wing Pilot, there is Admiral Ackbar Raddus, Moroff, who appears like a crossbreed of Wookie and Wampa, a nicely metallic-coloured astromech droid – and a Stormtrooper that has been thrown in for good measure, increasing the baddie-count from zero to one. No main characters from the film, but the detailing on the Minifigures is quite nice. Especially on the two non-humanoid characters.

From left to right: Stormtrooper, astromech droid, not Admiral Ackbar, Y-Wing pilot and not-Wookie Moroff.

Accessory-wise you get, additionally to the Y-Wing ammunition mentioned above, two small blasters for Raddus and the Pilot, a wrench, a (proper, non-stud-shooting) stormtrooper rifle, and a brick-built backpack with gun for Moroff. The gun is made up of a pistol-piece with a technic-element stuck onto. Sadly they fit only very loosely together. Not an ideal solution. In his case I would actually have opted for a stud shooter instead to mimic a heavy handheld blaster.

To boldly go…

All in all the Y-Wing is a stunning looking ship that doesn’t needs to hide from the large UCS-sets. But the set lacks in regards of Minifigures. Also the price-point is quite bold, so I strongly recommend to grab this set when its on special. It is too good to miss. For a fair price.



Good look and nice detailing

(mostly) subtly implemented play-functions




Weak character line-up



Pieces: 691


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