Bye-Bye Sweet Summer!

It is still nicely warm at Littleworlds HQ, but it is just a matter of time till autumn will come to us too and brings rain and grey sky and cold coat-and-umbrella-weather. In the meanwhile – lets enjoy the sun as long as we can!    

Mean Machine

One of the most memorable smaller town sets I have is the Screaming Patriot (6646) from 1991 (of course in American colours!). I always had issues though with implementing it’s cool exhaust pipes into one of my own creations.   As cool as they look, they limit your options according engine-layout and wheelbase quite significantly, but at the… Read More Mean Machine

City Skyline

  I made this one as a little contemplation of what is possible with just a handful of bricks and a few minutes time. Often our attention is directed to the huge flashy constructions online with thousands of parts. But you can create already an illusion with very reduced means. Like a painter can create a realistic human… Read More City Skyline