Before the Start

Last time I showed you the fast space cruiser Andromeda in all its glory exploring deep space. This time I show you some impressions from the time before the start:

Admiral Takayama is briefing Captain McLane on his new mission: deep-space exploration with the newly build Andromeda.


Close-up: I think you can tell the admiral is pretty proud on the new starship.


Commissioning day! The crew poses in front of the Andromeda. From left to right: Admiral Takayama, ship’s doctor, tactical officer, android engineer, Captain McLane, pilot, science officer and the head of engineering.


The pilot simply can’t resist showing off the ships sizeable main engines. This is also a good opportunity to see the rear of the ship.


I had a certain picture in mind I wanted to recreate with this one. You may also recognize the transparent orange parts from Ultimate General Magmar.



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