Space – The Final Frontier

Maybe you remember my vintage space memorial from a couple months ago, where I announced the launch of the fast space cruiser Andromeda. Finally I got around to take pictures of it! I like Star Wars (especially the original trilogy), but my true sci-fi love belongs to Star Trek. This spirit of discovery and a… Read More Space – The Final Frontier

Bye-Bye Sweet Summer!

It is still nicely warm at Littleworlds HQ, but it is just a matter of time till autumn will come to us too and brings rain and grey sky and cold coat-and-umbrella-weather. In the meanwhile – lets enjoy the sun as long as we can!    

Flying Boat MOC!

I have built this plane/boat a couple of months ago, but didn’t yet come to take proper photos and finally publish this post I had kicking around as draft for almost as long as the model itself. Ironically as these lines here are written, the MOC, in the way you see it here, doesn’t exists… Read More Flying Boat MOC!

Damage Case

This post is about the sort of band your parents have always warned you of: Damage Case, the loudest, wildest and meanest band in the known Lego universe! Tough and alluring front-woman Susan rocks the stage with attitude and riffs as heavy as a sledgehammer, rocket-fast soloing and lyrics about the wild side of life. The… Read More Damage Case


No, I definitely will not write some pseudo-pirate gibberish as introduction to my first post here (or to any other actually). Enough tried already and failed miserably!

So – pirates! Back in 1989, the new pirate theme was the most spectacular Lego line I’ve ever seen. All the cool new hats and printed beards and finally women with lipstick! The most amazing thing of course was the Black Seas Barracuda (6285). It had so many new parts! It was so big, I mean really BIG. And it looked absolutely gorgeous…… Read More Pirates!