Still here!

This blog has been terribly quiet for a while and when I started it last year I actually wanted to avoid exactly such times of inactivity. But sadly it happened, thanks to depressing news from America. Just bizarre. I would have never thought that in my lifetime I will see the very foundations of our… Read More Still here!

It’s been time…

I really was hoping to keep this blog free from politics, but some things just can’t be left uncommented:  After public pressure, the Lego Group wont do any more promotional activities with the Daily Mail, a newspaper blatantly violating any journalistic standards by calling judges of the British high court “enemies of the people”. I really… Read More It’s been time…

Where no one has gone before? Not quite!

My friend Moondog got quite inspired by my spaceship pictures and sent them on a couple more missions:     One thing for sure: They get around! There may be more adventures of our space travellers in the future, so stay ready for more transmissions!    

Some Worldbuilding

When starting this Blog I not only wanted to write reviews (which is quite fun on its own though!) and show my MOCs, but also create and expand a more or less coherent universe, where every of my characters has its place. Sadly I haven’t published much of that yet. Not because of a lack of… Read More Some Worldbuilding

Bye-Bye Sweet Summer!

It is still nicely warm at Littleworlds HQ, but it is just a matter of time till autumn will come to us too and brings rain and grey sky and cold coat-and-umbrella-weather. In the meanwhile – lets enjoy the sun as long as we can!