Still here!

Just in case you haven’t noticed 😉 Littleworlds has been quiet for way too long. It was actually really shocking to see that my last post was dated August – 2018! So what happened? Nothing dramatic really. Just some frustration with taking photos that keeps on lingering. My photo-setup works quite well for smaller builds,… Read More Still here!

Happy New Year!

And while we are at it: Merry Christmas as well! I hope you all got through the festive season without having to buy your clothes a size bigger! For ourselves, things just settled down from coming back from our Christmas-holiday. Over the last few weeks, quite a pile of Lego has built up here at… Read More Happy New Year!

New Backgrounds!

Over the last couple of days I started adding new pictures to the banner on top of the site, which will be randomly selected when you visit the site. So every time you visit Littleworlds, you will be greeted by a new one. Enjoy!