Reviewing and Stuff!

If you are a regular reader of my blog, and of my reviews in particular, you might have noticed that I abolished the numeric score in my reviews. Whilst I found it a good idea when I started writing them (quite a number of moons ago already – how time flies!), but now it feels a bit redundant actually.

Why is that so? Well, first of all I pick the sets I am reviewing quite carefully. I only buy sets I find appealing to own (in one way, or another) and not for the sake of reviewing. So you won’t likely see a really bad score. And even mediocre ones rather rarely (unless I get one gifted perhaps!).  Secondly a “X out of N”-score is terribly limiting and also quite arbitrary. The opinions of what makes a good score probably differ quite a lot. Instead, I think writing a concluding paragraph and adding a short list of pros and cons gives a much more extensive and fair overall impression of a set. Much more than trying to “distil” all my thoughts into one number.

Another thing I feel I should point out is the purpose of my reviews. I am quite happily not the first one to write a review on a certain set. You see, there are much bigger blogs and Youtube channels as well, who have specialized on this and I don’t have any interest in competing with them. They do their thing (and often amazingly well), and I do mine (hopefully quite well too). I like it when my reviews, and the other posts I am making, are being read because they are entertaining and a bit different from the more established sources instead. So don’t wonder why I write about a set that has been out for a year or so already. This said, I just realized a series about vintage sets might be really interesting to do…

What I don’t plan to do however is making videos. I find video production pretty annoying. Filming, editing and eventually rendering are all tedious and time consuming processes, which take a lot of the spontaneity and fun, that I have with writing, away.

Anyway, it has been so far quite some fun to do this blog and I am looking forward of many, many posts to come.

That’s it for today. See you soon & happy building!