Review: Jungle Starter Set (60157)

Welcome to the jungle: The Jungle Starter Set.

Starter sets are a typical gateway drug. Ideally they represent the very essence of the theme and offer an instant and quite appealing, low-price access to it. And – ideally for Lego – making you crave for more. This year above ideal has been very much reached if you ask me. Quite easily actually. You can’t do much wrong with a jungle-theme.

A quite speedy looking fan-boat.

The set consists of three explorer-Minifigures, some local wildlife in the shape of a crocogator*, a snake and a frog, plus two builds: a little fan-boat to bring our dashing explorers safely through the mangrove forest and a hollow, and pretty overgrown tree stump with a cache of gold hidden inside.

Not the most subtle way to hide your coins, but at least Mr. snake and Mr. Yellowfrog like it.

As you would expect from a set of this size, the assembly is simple and nothing spectacular. The accessories though, two new machetes, a (still relatively rare) magnifying glass, camera, snake-stick and transport-crate are actually pretty lush and useful in a lot of different contexts. Together with the nicely printed Minifigures (yay for the female snake doctor!), animals and plant-pieces, you get quite a diverse and interesting assortment of pieces. Great stuff!

A decent Minifigure lineup. Very detail: since they don’t wear any expedition badges, they can be used for a whole lot of different scenarios. The guy on the left could be even a mountaineer.

The only aspect you could nitpick about is the rather mundane goal of the expedition: in the end, they just dig up some gold. Of course, collecting samples and to catalogue the local fauna and flora is perhaps not quite as exciting for kids. But in the end, the player decides.

I can’t imagine any other reason why they gave him a face like that!

In conclusion just that much: I like starter sets. I really do. And sets like this are the reason for it. I definitely recommend it!

“Yes, definitely a snake. Thank you very much!”


Pieces: 88



Nice selection of pieces and Minifigures.

Good value for money.

Pretty complete; already enough for a small expedition.



And again its just for gold!


*Since it is not clear whether it is a crocodile, or an alligator – why not let it be both? The name also sounds silly, and silly is good.