Review: Series 4 Y-Wing Microfighter (75162)

For quite a while I wasn’t really interested in the Star Wars Microfighters. The Minifigs were usually unremarkable and the builds didn’t really appeal to me either. This changed with the Ghost Microfighter from the series Rebels with Hera Syndulla. Just too cute to give it a pass! For this year my awwww-synapses have been triggered by the Y-Wing from Rogue One. A seriously underappreciated ship-type, if you ask me. Always in the shadow of the flashy X-wing.

Probably the cutest Y-Wing ever.

Anyway, lets get back to business, which is in this case: reviewing it! The set consists of 90 pieces and given the size (tininess really), the Y-Wing has an impressive amount of accuracy going on. You can definitely recognize it as what it is and it just looks “right”.The proportions are of course completely off the rails compared to the “proper” big variant, but as a fun little toy it is just brilliant. Writing these lines I actually consider building a little platform and mount with rocking mechanism for it. The ideal fairground ride for little starfighter pilots.

As you can expect it today from a Lego Star Wars set, the ship features a clever and quite extensive use of SNOT-technique and Technic-elements to create the needed angles and rigidity. All very nice and tidy.

Why did the term “bumper cars in space” just popped up in my mind?

The pilot comes with very nice prints on his torso and legs, has a nicely detailed face (actually two, which is kind of a semi-standard for Star Wars sets. Except for angry clone-faces. Angry clones are always angry!) and a pretty richly ornamented helmet. Just perfect.

The rear-view with the flick-fire missiles in prominent position. If somebody knows how to use these properly: please leave a comment.^^

The only criticisms I have are the use of old-style flick-fire missiles (which never, NEVER work for me!) and the lack of clutch power on the white telescope-pieces at the rear. Both are really no biggies and justify not really a rating-penalty. I see the missiles more or less as bonus and you can still “guide” them into their target by hand when playing and I book the lack of clutch power simply under quality fluctuation, that just happens from time to time.

All in all, for its price, the Y-Wing Microfighter is a no-brainer for me. Its cute, clever constructed and adds a very detailed pilot to my ever-growing Minifigure-collection.

Since you bravely made it to the end of my review, here a bonus picture, which shows the alternate face I mentioned a little earlier:

This might not be a completely accurate representation of the Death-Star-trench-run, but this certainly shows how it felt like!


Pieces: 90

Rating 5/5

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