A Workhorse in Space

A certain, well-known smuggler and his business partner (at least in my version of Star Wars^^).

Since the prices for certain Lego Star Wars sets are borderlining silly (or way beyond that), I am quite happy doing my own interpretations of them. Like this one: a small, medium-range transport ship, which has been largely adapted by smugglers and such scum! I happily admit that I strayed quite away from the look of the original. I don’t see a point in repeating a 40 year old design, that has been made in Lego countless times before anyway. Also I wanted to build this one with the pieces I had. That should explain my choice of colour as well: these yellow bricks just begged for being used!

Han might be a good shot, but seems not to be the great pilot he thinks he is. Luckily there is Hera!
Opening the rear gate reveals the simplistic living area/cargo storage. It’s not a cruise-ship after all!

Yes, this one looks rather conventional, both in layout and building techniques, but that’s just what this ship wants to be: it’s a simple and affordable little ship that just gets the job done it is made for: transporting people and goods from Planet A to Planet B. The type is probably build in thousands, if not more.

The right cockpit section has been converted into a little cargo bay for the launch of… surprises!

Thanks to its simplicity the ship is not only cheap to produce, but also quite modifiable, which makes it popular in the intergalactic tuning-scene.

Removing the roof-section reveals more of the ship’s interiors.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Coming next is part 2 of my Blacktron series!

P.S. I’m seriously considering giving it the name “The Canary”…

4 thoughts on “A Workhorse in Space

  1. “The Canary” would be a good name. This is a nice-looking MOC. As you say, very conventional in build and technique, but _everything_ doesn’t have to be SNOTted until it bleeds. Cool, classic design, a real interior, made in an unusual colour for spaceships… I like it.
    I also second your comment on Star Wars sets being obscenely priced. By my comparative price-per-brick mathematics, they’re one of the worst ways to buy bricks. And yet…


    1. Thank you! Its certainly fun to play with SW tropes and stirr them up a little. Of course one of biggest appeals of the sets are the minifigs and with characters like Thrawn, TLG acted more than a little cheeky. Best to wait for discounts really, if one *has* to get a certain set.

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  2. Thanks 😉 No, I wasn’t really aware of this ship at all. Interesting coincidence. Especially the colours, since it was really a case of “what do I do with all the yellow pieces?” 😉 Star Wars is for me mainly the original trilogy still, and the expanded universe, so I’m not really familiar with the new series and films. Anyway, I think its a very common ship design really – especially for rather simple “trucks in space” 😉


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