Review: Yoda LED Keychain

Is there a better Star Wars character to make an LED Keychain from as Yoda? I don’t think so. After all he is a centuries old Jedi master. Who else could give you some enlightenment!

Enlightenment you seek? Help you I can!

I got this little guy as a Christmas-present. Such a cute surprise! He lives happily in my handbag to assist me with the blessing of the light side of the force whenever I need it!

Led Yoda is quite a bit larger than a regular Lego Minifigure. I think he is about twice the size. which puts him actually more into Playmobil-size. Apart from that, he features the same design, colours and articulation possibilities the Minifigure has. And like the Minifigure-variant, his legs are of the shorter type, which means he can’t bend them. This sounds like a disadvantage, but it is actually not a bad thing. Especially for a keyring, which gets dragged around a lot, wanders into pockets and gets (often not really gracefully) pulled out of them again, less parts mean less things to break!

His legs – or, to be precise, his feet – are also where the LEDs are located. The batteries, two CR2025 (20 x 2.5 mm), are already included and go into a pretty secure battery department in his back. All nice and tidy, as you would expect from Lego.

To give you an idea of his size (and just for silly fun), here some pictures together with a regular Minifigures.

Palpatine’s nightmare!


Not carry me on your back you have this time!

Sadly, I don’t have a Yoda Minifigure for direct comparison. But I think the pictures give you an idea anyway.

I think that little Yoda quite fits me. Ok, I am less green, less wrinkled, taller and have smaller ears (and hopefully speak a better english!), but we are both pretty zen.^^

Anyway. Its a fun and pretty useful gift and a nice way to out yourself as a Lego fan!


Rating: 5/5