Review: Pizza Van (60150)

If you are a regular reader of this Blog you might have noticed that I have a soft spot for unconventional designs. Sets like the Misfortune Keep or the Penguin’s Arctic Roller simply radiate a wonderfully silly and crazy spirit. Designs that deliberately break the rules of what is regarded practical… and they are exciting, aren’t they?

The more you agree with me on this point, the more surprised you might be that my personal favourite of this year’s releases is actually small and completely inconspicuous. Yes, I know that we have only February still and a lot of year is still to come, but I am sure, this one is going to be a classic. It is one of these sets I fell immediately in love with. It is so cute and friendly – and it sells one of my favourite dishes: Pizza!

Adorable and just yummy: the Pizza Van!

As mentioned, the design of the Pizza Van is nothing extraordinary. At least at first glance. A closer examination reveals the simplistic elegance and cleverness of its design. The way the sides fold in flush with the frame, the little microwave for heating up pizzas, the ketchup and mustard dispensers – its just a perfect kitchen for its size. And the crystal piece that got converted into potato chips – a brilliant idea and a real conversation piece!

What’s on the menu? Pizza of course!
Alternatively we have chips and lemonade as well!

Additional to the van the set comes with a dining table with umbrella and a red scooter that is just incredibly adorable.

A cute little scooter, a dining table with umbrella and some pizza. Life is good!

The Minifigures in this set are a pizza-chef and customer. Or is she doing the deliveries? Your choice! I had quite a flashback experience when assembling the chef btw. His torso print looks so much like the one from the Hamburger Stand from 1984. That was one of the very first sets I got. What a lovely homage to the past! The customer/delivery driver wears a light blue hoodie with a floral pattern. She also gets a half-closed scooter helmet additionally to her hair piece. Really nice.

Let’s deliver some pizza!

I would without any hesitation call this a perfect set if it wasn’t for the stickers. The pizza slice and the whole pizza piece are prints, as is the cash register and the lid of the lemonade can that is included, but all signs, the pizza box and the number plate of the van are all stickers. I think, when looking at the photos, you might have guessed that anyway. Stickers are my nemesis and I often struggle to get them on right^^. Oh, and since we are already nitpicking: it could contain more pizza pieces. The one full pizza and the slice (plus a spare one) is are all there is. And that’s not enough. There is never enough pizza!

I couldn’t resist showing you how pizza chef is operating the microwave. hmmm pizza!


And the preparation table with chips, ketchup & mustard dispensers.

Nevertheless this set is a must-have if you are into Lego City. It is so well made and has a really appealing set of accessories. Big modulars (and big sets in general) are impressive and without a doubt highly desirable. But with the Pizza Van you can transform every boring street corner into a lively culinary gathering point. And that for a really reasonable price.

Off to new pizza-related adventures!


Pieces: 249

Rating: 5/5

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