Still here!

This blog has been terribly quiet for a while and when I started it last year I actually wanted to avoid exactly such times of inactivity. But sadly it happened, thanks to depressing news from America. Just bizarre. I would have never thought that in my lifetime I will see the very foundations of our democracy and safety being so seriously threatened. And no, I am not exaggerating. This reminds me so much of the first half of the 20th century. And it happened so quickly. Or did it?

Well, as a matter of fact disenchantment with politics (Politikverdrossenheit, as we say in Germany) is a phenomenon for quite a long time already, as is the steady erosion of the middle-class. And yes, politicians didn’t care about these issues for way too long. But nationalism and hate are not an answer. Populists promising simple solutions are not an answer. The world is more complex as we like.

Anyway. I do sincerely believe that most people voting for nationalist movements were simply uninformed and just expressing their frustration without realizing the scope of what they were actually supporting. Let this be a wakeup-call for all of us. I think the backlash against these movements will come and events like the election in the USA and the confusion around the Brexit referendum in the UK might trigger just that. As long as people are talking with each other there is still hope.

This hope in my heart I started building again a couple of weeks ago. It is comforting escapism and I think everyone needs a little retreat. Especially in times like this. And to me Lego is simply such an innocent little world. I also got a couple of new sets, did write some more background “lore”… quite a number of things to post here! Blogging is something that makes me simply happy and I wish to you my dear reader, that some of the happiness rubs off 🙂

See you again soon!





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