Winter Is Coming – The Ice Queen – Review

I am not much into the Collectable Minifigures. I like their designs, but never really felt the need in collecting them. Especially not with the random chance of maybe getting just the one out of 22 I want. I am quite selective in this regard really and when I really want one, I simply order it on Bricklink. It may sound more expensive than buying them in the bag, but when you keep on buying the packs with the wrong ones… at least with Bricklink you know exactly which one you get.

The Ice Queen was quite easy to find though. She is the only Minifigure of the current series (series 16, to be precise), who comes with a 2×2 slope piece as dress – can’t be much simpler to spot her! She was actually in the first or second bag I picked up, so I guess it is fair to say that she did wait for me!

I think she gets love-letters from Mr. Freeze.

Her icicle-tiara, her cape glittering like freshly fallen snow and her long white dress with the icy silver-blue print on it speak a clear language: This lady is cool as ice. She is really a perfect addition for a fantasy scenario; as a frosty sorceress, elemental spirit or a winter deity. She is really a little beauty and a wonderful addition to my collection. Despite her pretty upset expression. Must be the global warming.


Looking at different pictures of her on the internet, there is seems to be a disagreement on whether the glittery side of her cape is supposed to be on the outside or the inside. In my opinion, having them on the outside prevents her back from being just a plain white surface and adds a wonderful level of magic to her, you wouldn’t get such nice glittering from her if it was on the inside. It would be just a waste really.

Her collar is, unlike the one Dr. Strange has, actually a separate piece that is not connected to her cape. That makes it a bit easier to put her together, but this way it also can be knocked out of its position more easily.

Super cool: the Queen shooting ice-bolts

The ice-bolts she is shooting consists of Ninjago-sword blades stuck on one of the new stud-handle pieces. A very elegant solution and I am sure the Emperor is quite jealous of them!

If you like it cool or you are just looking for a suiting character for the winter, the Ice Queen is the right Minifigure for you. She is a stunning (if slightly upset) beauty – and really easy to find!


Rating: 5/5 icicles


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