A Quick Fix for the Creator Propeller Plane (31047)

A couple of weeks ago I got the red (and pretty cute) Lego Creator Propeller Plane. It is three models in one, which makes it a pretty classical set (or oldschool if you prefer^^), typical for the creator sets really. The main build is the plane, but you can also turn it into a speed-boat and a helicopter and all three sets look pretty good and feature some really neat and efficient building techniques.

DSC00168 cropped and colour balanced

The landing gear however, didn’t make me happy. The idea behind it is pretty good and a solid, very playable construction, just as it should be. It can be retracted and once it is fully extended, it is slightly tilted forward, to prevent it from snapping back into its retracted position again.

The only issue is, that it does this a little too good. The landing gear, when fully extended, is just a tiny bit too much tilted forward. This brings the propeller into danger of touching the ground when the nose is approaching a horizontal orientation (which is the usual position when doing landings and takeoffs…).

To make a long story short, the Littleworlds Health-and-Safety Association (me) decided to make a design change to make it comply to the rigorous Littleworlds safety-standards!

The actual modification was very simply and straight forward. When you take off the air-intake of the engines, you will see this:


DSC00164 colour balanced

Obviously, the Lego-designers could have avoided this issue with simply using a 2×2 plate piece instead of the L-piece, but that would have meant to use 2 additional pieces – oh no!

But luckily there are enough little 1×1 plates in the box to fill the gap and safe the day!

DSC00165 colour balanced


Just stack two of them together to fill the gap. No worries they might get loose: once the air-intake is put back, it will hold them perfectly in place, even during rough landings!

Before and after: The landing gear on top of the picture looks pretty jealous at its friend, which is just so much more upright and happy now!

DSC00166 colour balanced

I am quite happy with this elegant little fix: it is done in no time and only uses pieces which were in the box anyway – and there is no visible modification on the plane itself!