Vintage Space Memorial

In memory of the legendary achievements of the first Lego astronauts, Admiral Takayama from the Futuron-Starfleet has revealed a memorial plaque in the new space-flight museum.

The exhibit is called “A view back and a view forward” and features original artefacts, like the automatic short range sensor probe SRT-570 and a model of the legendary Type 928 Space Cruiser (which I took from the book Great Lego Sets: A visual History). The Admiral also took the occasion to introduce the crew of the newly commissioned fast space-cruiser Andromeda, led by the legendary Captain McLane, who will soon depart for a deep space exploration mission.

DSC00070 cropped and colour balanced
Admiral Takayama (center) with Cpt. McLane (2nd from right) and some crew-members of the Andromeda

The plaque itself which was part of one of the first moon-bases and is – apart from some minor asteroid-impacts (actually Gerbil chewing marks!) in perfect condition for its age!

DSC00071 cropped and colour balanced

In her speech Admiral Takayama emphasised that it was always the spirit of the Futuron Federation to “explore new worlds and go boldly where no-one has been before”.

More about the adventures of the Andromeda in the near future!