Cute Star Wars Review: The Ghost Microfighter (75127)

So far I kept away from the Force Awakens (and the according sets). I don’t like having the same story told twice 😉

Star Wars: Rebels however brings in a welcome breeze of fresh air into the franchise, or mythology, or world – whatever you want to call it. I hope Rogue One will do the same on the big screen.

In Rebels you have a small, but pretty diverse group of – you guessed it – rebels, who fight the evil empire not long before the events of Episode IV. One of these rebels is Hera Syndulla, Twi’lek and pilot of The Ghost in the series and in the Lego universe – and what can I say: her minifigure is supercute!

DSC00040 edit
Seriously, I can’t resist saying “pew pew!” each time I pick this set up!

Needless to say, accuracy and details of a microfighter are not great. There is just so much you can do as a designer with so little space. But keeping this in mind, this is a pretty decent ship she is flying and if you still can’t make friends with the micro-ghost – it has enough useful parts to implement them into a proper starship design.

I doubt however that many people buy this set for its ship, or for the spare parts: the star is definitely the minifigure! Her outfit includes her pilot’s helmet, with goggles printed on and her typical orange overall with brown top. Oh and she comes with a blaster, additional to the stud-shooter mounted on her ship. Nicely done.

DSC00041 edit
Yes, she is aiming at you!

This is probably one of the cutest minifigures in recent time and for the price of a microfighter a no-brainer really. My initial reaction when seeing this set was simply smiling. I think that says it all!


Pieces: 104

Rating 5/5

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